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descubra nuevos horizontes empresariales

Welcome to GGC Holdings. 
Private Advisory Services for Business Companies and Brands

GGC is offering experienced advisory and administration services to our global clients for developing or even starting their business.


We are proud to provide our services to

  • Tourism and Gastronomy Companies
  • Advertising and Marketing Agencies
  • Social Media and Content Supportes
  • Commercial Trade Chambers and Associations
  • Online Media and Advertising Agencies
  • Tour Operators and Meeting Planners
  • Producing SME Companies
  • Professional Convention Organizers

We support organized office structures and recommend them to our clients. SMARTSHEET might be the perfect tool for starting being organized.


We understand brand administration as your active back-office in services like: Pre-Accounting and Controlling. But specially the tools of controlling: Revenue and Yield management are some of our strengths, which are growing in importance within every company. This gives a guarantee to our clients and makes it easy for them to control the financial assets of their brand or company.



The brand management service is available in full management or in tailor-made services only. GGC offers since 2007 in completely European style brand management services for supporting and growing companies. Billing services and Overdue handling are an important part of our services, but our speciality is in Supplier optimizing: Conditions management, back-office supplier handling and not forget the tool of the future of each company: Strategic and business plans, obligatory for participating in public funds of business development.  


Development of operating business is exciting! New-business development is definitely our passion. Market research and operative brand development means for us transforming visions in executive plans and budgets. Three- or five years business previews are important tools in this service area. Process analytic services and market research are part of this portfolio and might be for your enterprise a helpful view in future trends.


Representation services of brands or enterprises are the essential factors for success in a new or even existing market. We understand representations as a strategic service, which includes all our international experience and team - actually in three continents. PR and Marketing 100% focused of the support of clients sales activities. Our conditions are simple, each representation generates a rep-fee which gives us the liberty to communicate clients services or goods, and the client to control his budget.